Michel Lamarre, President and CEO.

IMEDIS started with the idea that the introduction of a new range of pharmaceutical products had to be placed onto the Haitian market in the private sector: the vaccines.

In the 1990’s, we were the pioneers in the prevention of the following infectious diseases: Rabies, Typhoid fever, seasonal influenza, yellow fever, Cholera, and also a serum (antibodies) against Rabies, and many others.

  • Progressively, IMEDIS expanded her product range. Now, around twenty infectious diseases are preventable with our vaccines. We have vaccines for children and for adults.
  • We maintain the cold chain from the manufacturer to our clients.

We feel necessary to emphasize the support of the medical community. We commit to distribute to the Haitian Physicians only vaccines that comply with all the international standards.

Today, we become the Haitian Vaccination leader in the private sector, because our team is properly trained and dynamic.

In 2006, we revolutionized the hematologic exams with the commercialization of an equipment that performs speedy and accurate analysis of 18 parameters in blood.

Our qualified engineers ensure the maintenance and repair service.

IMEDIS, is socially involved in the community and we support many health institutions and also some organizations of sport and education.

We are proud of our accomplishments for the last past twenty-two years. We faced many challenges from the beginning to now. We will continue to strengthen our cooperation to improve the public health in Haiti.