IMEDIS is a company that supports many health institutions and organizations in the sports and education fields.

IMEDIS is closely collaborating with the Haitian Pediatric Society « Société Haïtienne de Pédiatrie (SHP) » that mediates the Haitian pediatricians continuous education and the SHP also brings free ambulatory patient care for needy people.

Cancer affects more people than believable in Haiti. IMEDIS supports the Cancer Assistance Group « Groupe de Support contre le Cancer (GSCC) » divulgation of information about this disease through campaigns.

IMEDIS believes that sports allow youth development from different point of view and play a key role for being healthy. Accordingly, for several years, IMEDIS participates to the events of the Tennis Haitian Federation « Fédération Haïtienne de Tennis (FHT) » who is helping young athletes from different social context to enhance their sport performance.

IMEDIS contributes financially to the following project: North Region Innovation Cluster – Knowledge Site « Pôle d’Innovation du Grand Nord (Pi GraN) – Cité du Savoir » . Different types of companies and also schools and universities of a specific region will cluster around a designated university that will graduate skilled and competent professionals.